• In 2008 at the UN General Assembly in its resolution 62/136 decided to celebrate International Day for Rural Women on 15th October annually as a tribute to the efforts of Rural women in agricultural production, rural development and building climate resilience.
  • It is also a day to address the problems faced by rural women in finding proper health care, education, gender equality and encourage rural women empowerment.
  • As because of this pandemic COVID 19, problems aggravated for women in rural areas. Already they face struggles in their daily lives. Now ,because of this COVID 19 and its unique health care needs , they are less likely to have access to health services. This year International day of rural women 2020 will be on 15th October 2020, Thursday.

 World Rural Women Day Importance

 Even being the major player in production world food and domestic labour, Rural women are much vulnerable to exploitation, gender equality and not getting their basic rights. In major decisions, their words get less or no consideration. They have limited access to education, healthcare, sanitization products, and more basic needs.

  • Even with all the efforts to eradicate poverty more than 1 billion people suffer from extreme poverty and a major portion of them reside in the rural
  • 80% of the population (2.5 billion people) in Asia and Africa depend on small hold agricultural for food supply
  • 60% of agricultural labour force around the globe, especially in countries like Asia and Africa, is Rural women who work with fewer wages or as unpaid
  • Less than 13% of rural women own a land under their name.
  • Half of the Rural women in the world lack basic literacy skill to handle day to day transactions and they account for a major portion of 3.9 billion people who lack access to the internet.
  • The chance is doubled for rural girls to be engaged in child marriages and experiencing abuse and violence
  • More than 35% of pregnant rural women give don’t give birth in a healthier environment and with a healthcare
  • Less than 20% of women have accesses to safe drinking water and are always entrusted to bring water from faraway places.

UN International Day of Rural Women Initiatives 

  • Implementing policies and programmes from the national level for preserving the basic rights of rural women and girls.
  • Ensuring the rural women have access to education, healthcare, good transportation, and resources like electricity and clean water.
  • Empowering rural women in a socio-economic way and creating an environment that gives attention and priority for their needs.
  • Teaching rural women about the financial aspects of banking, credit schemes etc. to elevate their financial stability and independence.
  • Establishing gender equality and have women words taken into account for major decisions in family and society.
  • Educating rural women about the specific health needs in areas of sexual and reproductive health, STD’s, pregnancy care and family planning.
  • Increasing employment opportunities and providing recognition for their work in agricultural development and natural resource management.
  • Improving the country-wise data management of sex-disaggregated data, allegations, policies implemented and even the statistics of their work.
  • Drafting laws to ensure that rural women get complete administrative rights in the property they own including the right to inheritance.

International Rural Women Day 2020 Theme :  “Building rural women’s resilience in the wake of COVID-19,” 

The 2020 theme particularly aims to to create awareness of these women’s struggles, their needs, and their critical and key role in our society.

  • “Rural women and girls building climate resilience” was international rural women day 20198 theme.
  • The international rural women day 2018 theme was “Sustainable infrastructure, services and social protection for gender equality and the empowerment of rural women and girls”

International Rural Women Day in India

  •  In India, the Rural women constantly challenged with illiteracy, child marriage, dowry system, abuse and violation of basic right. Even with many efforts from the government these problems still persist.
  • India celebrates “Rashtriya Mahila Kisan Diwas” which literally translate to “International women farmers day” on international Rural women day to recognize the contribution of women in the agriculture
  • Agricultural ministry of the organized event in New Delhi to recognize the contribution of women in all activities of the agriculture field and the role they play in supplying nutritious food.

“Women are the inevitable part of not only agriculture but also in family and society, their contribution needs recognition” Himalai IAS coaching wants to create this awareness on International day of rural women 2020 as a part of our India with world events.