More than 1.4 billion passengers travel each year through air transport making it one of the most utilized transport in the world. Air travel not only promotes tourism, trade and cultural development across the globe but also reinforces international coordination between the countries.

International civil aviation day is observed on 7th December annually to recognize the importance of in the socio-economic development of the world. International aviation day 2018 or world aviation day 2018 will be on 7th December, Friday.

History of International Civil Aviation Day

  • International Aviation day celebration started in the year 1994 as a part of the 50th anniversary of the International civil aviation organization establishment.
  • The day 7th December was chosen to commemorate the adoption of ‘convention on international civil aviation’ in the year 1944.
  • ‘Convention on international civil aviation’ popularly known as ‘Chicago convention’ is an international agreement to develop global aviation peacefully which was signed by 54 countries in Chicago.
  • In 1966 UN general assembly voted for the resolution A/RES/51/33 to adopt International Civil Aviation Day as a UN day observation.
  • The preamble stated that the World Aviation Day will greatly help in building and preserving the friendship and understanding between the convention states.

Why International civil aviation day is celebrated?

  • Commercial aircraft carry more around 10 million passengers over 100,000 flights on a daily basis.
  • Globally more than 63.5 million jobs are created by air transport and every year it generates 2.7 trillion dollars for global GDP.
  • These numbers explain the potential of aviation in the social and economic development of the world, especially for landlocked and islands for trade, tourism, and
  • Aviation has a key role in bringing together the global efforts for achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
  • The purpose of International aviation day is to identify the part aviation in world development and coordination.

International Civil Aviation Organization

International civil aviation organization (ICAO) is a specialized UN agency established in 1944 to ensure global aviation development is secured and organized. ICAO provides a global platform for cooperation of its 192-member states. It is also responsible for setting aviation standards and regulation like safety, capacity, and efficiency.

International Aviation day theme

ICAO establishes a special International civil aviation theme every five years coinciding with ICAO anniversary. The theme celebration is continued for the four-year gap. The International civil aviation day 2018 theme continues to be ‘Working Together to Ensure No Country is left behind’ which was set in the year 2015.

This world civil aviation day theme prompts that air traffic and its economic impact will be doubled within the next year bring countries even closer This will benefit in improving the coordination of countries so no country will be left behind in achieving sustainability.

International Aviation day activities

In International aviation day 2017, the theme specified the increase in the air routes and flights connecting countries every year. The improved connectivity benefits every country and also assists government and organization in achieving 15 goals of 17 goals in sustainable development.

ICAO and UN organize many activities globally and locally. International civil aviation day speech by the dignitaries promote the significance of aviation.  Airports and other air transport related departments celebrate this day with many fun-filled activities. Special international aviation day posters and images are circulated around schools and social media.

India has the third largest domestic aviation market and is rapidly growing, Indian aviation day is celebrated with much more enthusiasm every year. Aviation connects the world bring everyone closure, Himalai IAS coaching wants to promote the contribution of aviation on this International Aviation Day as a part of our India with world events.