If an external conflict threatens us, we unite and face the challenge but how can we fight if the problem is within ourselves. Corruption is a complex internal problem that affects every government. It affects the social, political and economic development of a country and makes the government unstable.

From the elections to judicial law and orders corruption attacks the foundation of a democratic country. It lets people violet laws without fear through bribes. Corruption has turned into a serious challenge especially in India, even though the government has taken many measures to fight it, corruption has penetrated to the bones of the country.

No wonder ‘corruption in India’ has become one of the trending IAS questions ever, as civil service officers with high authority are the best targets of corruption. Apart from the IAS exam point of view, there is a need for understanding and eradicating this problem completely.

            International anti-corruption day is one of the initiatives taken by UN for eradicating corruption and to make every government operate with transparency.

History of International Anti-corruption day

  • In 2003 United Nation’s General Assembly voted for the resolution 58/4 to dedicate 9th December every year as International Anti-corruption day.
  • It was also a day when UN adopted a convention against corruption and secretariat of the convention’s conference was designated to United Nation office on drugs and crimes (UNODC). The convention entered the force in December 2005.
  • The anti-corruption day is observed to raise the awareness of the effects of corruptions and reasons to fight it. International Anti-corruption day 2018 will be on 9th December, Sunday.
  • On this day many volunteers, communities, government, and organizations combine their forces to fight this crime. UN development programme (UNDP) and UNODC take the lead and organize many events on this day.

Why International Anti-corruption day is celebrated?

  • Worldwide, it is estimated that $1 trillion is paid as a bribe and $2.6 trillion is stolen each year due to corruption when combined forms more than 5% of global GDP.
  • According to UNDP, in developing countries, the money lost in corruption is 10 times the official development assistance.
  • It’s not the only monitory loss, corruption also impacts many areas of working from the hospital, education, private and many government divisions. People are denied of their basic rights to claim bribery that effects the sustainable development of a country.
  • Corruption has a catastrophic effect on society, it deprives opportunities, refusing vulnerable people to the basic facilities and discriminate them. The corruption crime never ends with a single generation, it haunts successive generations impacting many.
  • For a sustainable development of the world, corruption must be eradicated and the purpose of celebrating International Anti-corruption day is to create awareness of this.

Sustainable development goals- Goal 16

The 17 sustainable development goals set by UN is 2015 address corruption in its 16th  goal as part of building peaceful and secure societies. The goal aims in reducing or completely eradicating corruption by 2030. On International Day for Anti-Corruption, UNODC aims to combine forces with its partners, countries to ensure that everyone is united in fighting against corruption.

International Anti-Corruption Day activities

Awareness camps are organized by UNODC around the world to educate people about the effects of corruptions and methods to fight it. Many activities like quiz competitions, poster making, debates, an essay on an anti-corruption day are conducted in schools and colleges to educate young minds from an early stage. The anti-corruption day speeches by leaders inspire many to take action.

International Anti-Corruption Day Theme

To intensify the impact of the anti-corruption day celebration an International anti-corruption day theme is set every year.

International anti-corruption day 2017 theme was ‘United against corruption for development, peace, and security’. It signifies that no country around the world is immune to corruption and we have to unite our efforts to fight it. International anti-corruption day 2018 theme is yet to come.

Corruption is a true enemy of development and we have to eradicate it, Himalai IAS coaching wants to spread this awareness on this International Anti-corruption day as a part of our India with world events.