Indian Navy day is celebrated on 4th December every year to recognize and honor the role of the Indian Navy in securing Indian marine border. They also assist in maintaining international relations at seaports, exercises, disaster relief, and humanitarian aids.

Indian Navy day is celebrated to commemorate the success of Indian Navy attack of Pakistan in Karachi during the Indo-Pakistan war. The Indian Navy day 2018 will be celebrated on 4th December, Tuesday.

Indian Navy Day History

  • The history of Indian Navy day dates back to the year 1944, at first Indian Navy day was celebrated on 21 October.
  • Later in 1971, the operation Trident was conducted by the Indian Navy at the Karachi harbor, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal during the Indo-Pakistan war.
  • The operation was a complete success with zero casualties at the Indian Army side.
  • Pakistan ship PNS Khaibar, Naval submarine ‘Ghazi’ and other 90 vessels were sunk by Indian Navy.
  • Anti-Ship missiles were utilized for this mission. Many personals were honored for the success of the mission.
  • This is why Indian Navy day is celebrated on 4th It is also a day to remember all the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country at the war.

Indian Navy

Indian Navy is the Marine force of the Indian Army. Indian Navy is divided into three commands and 66 base work under them.

  • Eastern Command (Headquarters: Vishakhapatnam)
  • Western Command (Headquarters: Mumbai)
  • Southern Command (Headquarters: Kochi)

Indian Navy is placed as the fifth largest navy force in the world. President heads the Indian Navy as the supreme commander. Indian Navy has evolved with many advanced technologies including nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines.

History of the Indian Navy

Indian Navy is the marine force of the Indian Army. The Indian Navy was referred to as ‘Royal Navy’ in British Raj. After Independence, the navy force was divided between India and Pakistan. Two Third of Navy assets were given to India and the remaining to Pakistan.

On August 15th 1947, Rear Admiral JTS Hall, RIN became the first Indian officer commanding the Indian Navy. After India became republic on 26th January 1950 the prefix Royal was removed and Indian Navy was established.

In the Royal Navy crest’s crown was replaced by Ashoka Lion and an invocation to the lord of sea Varuna was adopted for Indian Navy emblem.

Indian Navy day Celebration

For the Indian Navy day celebration, events are organized at the Eastern Navy Command at Vishakhapatnam. The day is started by a Wreath laying ceremony held at the war memorial. The events are participated by political leaders, all flag officers, sailors, and civilians. The events recognize and honors outstanding officers for their contributions.

Western Navy Command from Mumbai bringing their ships and sailors for participating in the Indian Navy day activities. The most awaited part of the events is performance various acrobats done by Skydivers, helicopters of warships, Marine commandos, fighter aircraft and more.

The Navy day celebration is continued with Drill by Eastern Navy commands men in Blue, ships anchored in formations and the naval band playing ‘Beating Retreat’. All the warships and Aircrafts are displayed in the exhibition for public display. After sunset fireworks and anti-aircraft firing on stimulated target ends the celebrations of the day.

Himalai IAS coaching salutes Indian Navy for their dedication in protecting the country and wishes everyone a Happy Navy day as a part of our India with world events.