India Thankful, But not accept any Foreign donations for Kerala flood

Indian Government makes it clear that India will not accept any assistance from foreign governments for Kerala flood relief as per existing policy.

As a matter of policy, the Government of India does not issue any appeal for foreign assistance in the wake of a disaster. However, if the national Government of another country voluntarily offers assistance as a goodwill gesture in solidarity with the disaster victims, the Central Government may accept the offer. In the case of an offer of assistance from UN Agencies, India will accept the offer only if the Government considers it necessary, based on various factors.
Primary responsibility of disaster management rests with the States. The Central Government conducts regular mock drill, community training and awareness programme to prepare the civilian populations for disasters. About 4.5 lakh and 7.7 lakh civilian were trained by National Disaster Response Force during 2015 and 2016 respectively.

As Kerala faced with tragic Flood, with thousands of Death and lakhs of people are homeless, As United Arab Emirates PM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Offered Approxemately 700 Crore to kerala as UAE is having Very Clsoe relationship with kerala as many Keralians are working in dubai, Qatar offered approximately 35 crore and maldives offered approximately 35 Lakh and Congress MP Sashi Tharor aleo Landed up at the United Nation’s doorstep in geneva to ask for aid many more aids.

the Center has made it clear that India will not accept ant assistance from foreign governments for flood-ravaged Kerala in sync with an existing policy. External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, in line with the existing policy, Central government is committed to meet the requirements for relief and rehabilitation through domestic efforts. He said contributions to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund from NRIs, PIOs and international entities like foundations will, however, be welcomed. He said the government expresses its deep appreciation for offers from several countries, including from foreign governments, to assist in relief and rehabilitation efforts after the tragic floods.