Impact of upcoming election 2019 on central government jobs and state government jobs

“Of the people, By the people, For the people”

This is the core of our Indian democracy, which also gives us the right to select our own leaders. In every five years, votings take place and a people leader will be born who will lead the country for the next five years. In short, this is the election process of India.

Last Indian election took place in the year 2014 and people with high majority choose Bharatiya janata party. So, Narendra Modi to be the Prime Minister of India. With five years term coming to an end this year. Each side is gearing up to fight in the upcoming election 2019 with full fierce.

Election 2019 dates are set in seven phases over the month of April and May. Whichever the leader is chosen they will have the full power to develop the country and overcome the problems that hinder India’s growth. One of such major challenges in India is unemployment.

It’s no doubt India is a young country. With a majority of its population being youth. It promises the potential that India can reach many new heights in the next few years. But, not with unemployment holding us down. The government has to take initiatives to conquer this problem.    

There is a need for a huge increase in government vacancies, youth skill development programs and aid for young entrepreneurs in their startups. Everything that helps India solve the unemployment problem.  

This is one of the major anticipation form the new government. Especially many young aspirants are looking forward to a revolution in government recruitments. Everyone are expecting a great impact of the upcoming elections 2019 on government jobs.

With many government exam notifications already released at the start of this year. Like UPSC 2019 notification, KPSC notification 2019, Railways Notification 2019 and more. Also, the new government formation this year. Renews the hope of more government vacancies in 2019.

Comment your thoughts on upcoming election 2019 and the government career you want to join!