IAS preparation plan in short duration a civil service aspirant can follow.

Gear up! UPSC CSE 2018 is here. This is a trending talk in the streets of India. UPSC has finally released the notification for 2018 civil service exams. To stand out of the crowd and crack the IAS Prelims, a scheduled and planned preparation is required. That’s what this article is all about. What are you waiting for! Grab a seat and let’s start the journey.

As you know, UPSC’s CSE exam is divided into three parts- Preliminaries, Mains and Personal Interview where you need to qualify one to go into second and so on, while the latter two decides what service and rank a person will get. Every aspirant dreams of being an IAS. Assuming 3 months’ time for the preliminaries exam, following schedule is prepared to dedicate one paragraph for each stage.

For Preliminaries:

As preliminaries is the first stage of CSE and comprises of two papers- GS and CSAT, the entire last month out of remaining 3 months will be dedicated to preparing for prelims. For first two months, preparation for prelims and mains will go together.GS mostly consists of current affairs and Indian Polity. Knowing about all the things happened in past one year before the date of exam is a must. To do this, summaries of the past one year from coaching institutes can be bought and read. Same can be done for Indian Polity. As revision is as important as reading for the first time, one day in a week should be kept to revise all the self-made notes and bought notes. CSAT is a qualifying exam so it can be prepared in last one month. Also, join the Himalai test series will help you in the preparation. A set of 30 test series will help you clear your basics and avoid making mistakes in the main exam.

For Mains:
It is most probably going to help in the month of December. So you have approximately 6 months after prelims. Marks in this will decide what civil service will get. As getting marks in the interview is a big task, give mains your best shot. Following things has to be kept in mind while preparing:

  • Choose the optional wisely.
  • Write and read daily: For reading, editorial part of the newspaper is advised as you can learn how to put forth your points. Writing daily will help you in making a habit so that you don’t face any problems in mains.
  • Learn, revise, write and repeat.

Dedicate as much time as you can for this exam while keeping a check on your health.

For Personal interview:

  • Make a good Detailed Application Form (DAF).
  • Take help of exam qualifiers.
  • Know all in and out about you and your dream.
  • Give demo interviews to know your strength and weakness.

In addition, just take a deep breath and start preparing like this is the only option you have.
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