IAS Memorising Bits Lens

Memorising Exam Bits useful for Passing IAS Preliminary Examination….An add up to your IAS 2020 Prelims Preparation….Like mantra memorising again and  Again…. 

1. The following exercised the most profound influence in framing the Indian Constitution- 

 Ans: The Government of India Act, 1935

2. The first attempt to introduce a representative and popular element in the governance of India was made through- 

 Ans: Indian Council Act, 1861

3. The following acts introduced communal electorate in India- 

 Ans: Indian Council Act, 1909

4. The colonial period of India, the trade monopoly of the East India Company was ended by- 

 Ans: The Charter Act of 1813

5. The Act, diarchy was introduced in India- 

 Ans: Government of India Act, 1919

6. The instrument of instructions contained in the Government of India  Act, 1935 has been incorporated in the Constitution of India in the year 1950 as –

 Ans: Emergency Provisions

7. The monopoly of Indian trade of the East India Company was abolished by the:

 Ans: Charter Act, 1813

8. The Ninth Schedule was introduced in the Constitution of India during the prime ministership of – 

 Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

 9. The Schedule of Constitution of India can the transfer of tribal land for mining be declared null and void- 

 Ans: Fifth Schedule

10. The mind of the makers of the Constitution of India is reflected in which of the following- 

 Ans: The Preamble