How Himalai will guide and prepare candidates for the exam

There are several students who get into this exam like shooting arrows aimlessly and with absolutely no knowledge of it.Awareness building needs to be made for these fields and more information needs to be passed on about IAS and how these exams are important for becoming an IAS officer.Himalai is here to guide you and make sure you’re on the right path and know exactly what you are going to be doing and they provide the perfect training for the exams and proper facilities and guidance from experts.

  • Proper Coaching: Classes are conducted by expert university lecturers, civil services and some past candidates who have experiences of going through the mains exam and personality tests. This would help you understand the procedures and how things are done around.
  • Completion of the syllabus: The syllabus is covered twice by the teachers.
  • Tests: The tests are given in Prelims and Mains form and they are by the KPSC formats which will help you pass the tests smoothly. Himalai provides this as a combined package.
  • Mock Tests and Interviews: Mock tests are conducted by Keshav Himalai Sir himself, under his guidance most students have had an all India highest marks in Personality tests.
  • Materials: Concise and consolidated material is provided by Himalai, which would help you to clear both the prelims as well as the mains efficiently.
  • Working people/ Professionals: There is a provision for the people who are working. There are both weekdays and weekend classes, they can attend weekend classes and cover the syllabus comprehensively.
  • Comfortable and flexible classes and faculty: The aim is to make sure all candidates clear the exam, and there is facilitation for the doubt clearing session for all the students in the class.
  • Proper Monitor: Feedback collection is done for every student and all students are given the proper attention and any a change such as change in timings are also catered for.
  • Motivation: Motivation is the key that drives all the students to strive to give their best performance both during classes and exams as well. Himalai arranges for guest speakers who are previously students of the centre and have successful jobs with the government now.
  • How to clear the Exam: Through proper insights and thorough revision, Himalai provides simple and easy solutions to pass the exams with flying colors and making it less complicated to understand.

IAS exams are not easy to crack. Hard work and grasping of the concepts is the driving force to help you clear the exams and every candidate has to put in a lot of self-effort despite the faculty putting in their inputs and guidance.
Himalai has the perfect set up and the perfect atmosphere for all budding IAS officers to go ahead fly and achieve all their goals.