Every year a subsidy is paid by the Indian government for Indian Hindu Muslims pilgrimage for traveling to Mecca. An application must be submitted to avail this subsidy. The HAJ committee of India has extended the deadline for pilgrimage application 2018 from 17th November to 12th December 2018. This application date extension is done as per the request of Karnataka state Haj committee and other state Haj committees.

The Request was due to the significant reduction in the pilgrimage applicants this year. Even though the pilgrimage applicants have reduced consistently over the years, this year there was a huge drop down from 18000 applicants last year to 6000 applicants.

Till the last deadline November 17th, 2018, less than 6000 applicants have applied for the pilgrimage. This is the first time in a decade that the number of pilgrimage applicant from Karnataka will be less than 15000 applicants.

The Haj pilgrim applicants are less than people under State Haj quota which 6,624 people according to the 2011 census. It is common every year that most applicants turn in after the extension of decline and the state Haj committee expects the same this year.

When the application submission is over, an online lottery process is conducted to select the 6,624 pilgrims to Mecca. The drop down in applicants might be due to the reduction of subsidy given by the government or due to the application date shift from December-January to October as per Syed Ajaz Ahmed, nodal officer, Bengaluru, Karnataka State Haj committee.