First ever India tourism mart 2018

Union Minister for railway and Coal Shri Piyush Goyal inaugurates the first ever India tourism Mart 2018(ITM 2018), India is one of the fastest Growing tourist destinations in the world

The IMT was organized by the Ministry of Tourism from 16th to 18th September 2018, this Mart was inaugurated in the Presence of Union Tourism Minister, Shri KJ Alphons and Tourism Minister of Marocco, Mr. Mohamed Sajid in New Delhi, The Mart is in Partnership  with Federation of Association in Indian Tourism and hospitality (FAITH) with the support of Government

Shri Piyush Goyal  wished Ministry of Tourism to reach the targeted goals of like US 100 billion FTA recipes /year within 5 years he also said the present government is Setting up with the infrastructure and ensuring 24 hr Power supply, promoting renewable energy forms and to improve the connectivity by effectively Connecting the remote destination

He also added some important elements government’s cleanliness drive, the swachhta Abhiyan to ensure that India becomes a preferred destination for all international tourists there are many opportunities for formal and informal sectors. the railway minister also said  that India has varied

Geography, Culture, tradition, architectural marvels religions, he also said that with the new e-visa regime it became easier visit the country because the e-visa regime has made open for 166 Countries

As this is going to hold for the 1st time many stack holders are coming to invest with 10 major Tourism organization like FHRAI, HAI, IATO being involved convention promotion Board (ICPB) is Coordination  the whole event

Around 225 participation has been made for the ITM 2018 International buyers and media Personal across the world Such as North America west Europe, East Asia, Latin America, CIS Countries etc. It also Provides the opportunities to buyers and sellers delegates are being held in 3days for the buyer delegates from overseas the FAITH and State government is offering a pre and post event FAM trips