Are you weighed down by the stress of clearing the IAS examination? Has it been your dream to serve the society but now the hype of IAS exam makes it all sound less exciting?

We bring you some of the ultimate IAS preparation tips. Here we go:

Plan it out : This might sound like the most cliché tip, but planning is really the first step towards a shining career. Clarity of thought also makes one confident and gives a sense that dreams are within reach.

Keep giving mock tests : Mock exams build exam momentum which may really help at later stages. It is one thing to gain knowledge and quite another to present that knowledge in exams. Mocks will help you do that.

Analyze for yourself : Whether you self-study or take coaching for IAS preparation, you need to assess your strong and weak subjects. Giving ample mock tests will time and again let you know where you need to work harder.

Learn to gloss over : If you begin thread baring each little concept, it is very probable that you will run out of time. Learn to skim over information and categorize what is essential and what is not.

Don’t be a thinker, be a doer : As an IAS officer it is likely that your work will be activity prone. It is necessary, therefore, to actively participate in intellectual debates.

Be updated: As far as the syllabus for your paper is concerned, you cannot afford to be oblivious to latest paper patterns and syllabus additions.

Go through past papers : A look at the question papers of past few years will not just familiarize you with the paper pattern but will also show what subjects/areas are given more weightage than others.

Make terse notes : Comprehensive notes really help in last moment preparation. Scrappy notes will only add to your addled anxious state. So learn to take and exchange copious notes which will also help you with practicing your handwriting for your Mains paper.

Lead a balanced life: Most students who went on to become IAS officers are of the view that while studies are essential, it should in no way hamper your intellectual or emotional growth.

Do go out for fresh air or do a jig to de-stress yourself.

With these tips, we believe, you have a head start and can take your much-awaited flight! Are you?