Let the passion of tradition make your day.. try the magic of Handloom, Today!

Every Year on august 7th is has been Observed as Handloom-day. Handloom day Celebration is one of the highlight that the handloom is contributing to the growth and development of the Socio-econimic Growth of our Country and Promoting Handlooms will enhance their Pride as well as increase income of Weavers.

In July 2015 with the objective to generate awareness about importance of Indian’s handloom industry by the union government. National Handloom Day was inaugurated on 7th August 2015 by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Chennai.

Their is some Reason behind the date chosen for the celebration of hand loom day… It is the right time to know about that in 1905, august 7th was chosen to Commemorate the swadeshi movement in Calcutta town hall to protest against partition of Bengal by the British Government.

HandLoom Sector Contributes approximately 20% of the cloth Production in the country and also Contribute to the Country’s Export Earnings. 95% of the world’s hand woven fabric comes from India.