How to go about KAS Preparation (Classroom Learning or Online Preparation)?

Preparation is the key to crack the competitive exams like the KAS. One of the major problems that students who are preparing for the KAS generally face is the lack of focus and uncertainty on whether they are going in the right direction. Cracking a competitive exam is definitely not a cakewalk and requires some serious dedication and commitment from the aspirants. KAS Preparation involves having acquaintance with the exam pattern well beforehand. Buy the books that are generally prescribed for KAS Preparation. The golden rule for KAS Preparation is to completely familiarise yourself with the syllabus. KAS Preparation requires utmost dedication and sincerity as well as seriousness on the part of aspirants to get through this prestigious exam which covers a really vast syllabus. To decide which way to go (online or offline) about your preparation, just go through the pros and cons of both.

Classroom learning vs Online Preparation: Pros and Cons
When it comes to preparing for competitive exams, students are often in a dilemma of whether to choose a coaching institute or to go for online education resources.

Classroom Learning

  • Pros
      • 1. Proper Guidance and mentorship from teachers having vast experience and knowledge regarding the exam.
      • 2. Aspirants would be able to devote at least a certain minimum amount of time and put in effort accordingly.
      3. Study material which aspirants get is designed by experts after a thorough analysis of syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Cons
      • 1. At some places lack of proper teaching techniques and out-dated study materials contributes enormously to the substandard teaching standards.
      2. Also at some places, it has been reported that many aspirants do not get personal attention from the instructors and ultimately aspirants don’t get to work on their strengths and weaknesses.

Online Preparation

  • Pros
      • 1. There is evidently no dearth of study materials in the online world.
      • 2. Inculcates self-study techniques among the aspirants.
      3. Online educational resources are available at more reasonable price when compared to coaching institutes.
  • Cons
      • 1. Limited reach in remote areas which hinders widespread adoption of this method.
      2. Aspirants don’t have any mentor to help them in case they have not understood any complex concept.

Why Himalai?

Simply because it is amongst one of the best KAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore. Aspirants who join KAS Coaching at Himalai get the Himalayan Advantages which would convince you to believe it is by far the best KAS Coaching Centre in the state:-

  • Interactive Classes & Comprehensive study material.
  • KAS Coaching/Exam classes by KAS/IAS cleared toppers.
  • Incorporation of recent changes in ICS.
  • Scheduled tests and mock exams.
  • One-to-One discussions with experts.
  • Time and stress management solutions.
  • Answer Discussion classes.
  • Simplified Notes.

So always remember that there is no single path which will assure your success especially in competitive exams. There have always been and will always be students who would crack these exams with the proper guidance of coaching institute (classroom learning) while there will always be others who would crack it with the help of online educational resources (online preparation).