Civil service examination more popularly known as IAS and KAS (Karnataka Administrative Services) is written by lakhs ofaspirants throughout the country to get a job in the Indian and Karnataka Government respectively. Preparation is the key to crack the competitive exams.

Cracking a competitive exam requires some serious dedication and commitment from the aspirants.

We at Himalai, offer the best coaching for your life changing exam. We inaugurated our centre in 1998 and since then have introduced various technological innovations in the method of coaching. We also offer online coaching for civil service exam. Many aspirants are confused whether to go for online learning or the traditional classroom coaching. So, we have made a comparison of these two modes of learning to help you sort out which is better for you. To decide which way to go (online or offline) about your preparation, just go through the pros and cons of both.

Classroom Learning Online Preparation
Self-Motivation Increased flexibility results in procrastination. High amount of self-motivation required. Face to face interactions with faculties gives better guidance and self-motivation.
Flexibility It is comparatively less flexible. You have to work according to the schedule provided by the centres and attend lectures at the specific time. It is flexible in terms that a student can work according to his own schedule. It also reduces travelling time. And they give weekly schedule which you can do as per your convenience.
Social interaction Increased interaction. Lack of interaction
Guidance and Mentorship Guidance from teachers having vast experience There is no reliability of the quality of guidance available online. A lot of sources available to go through.
Personal Attention Due to huge batch size, it gets impossible to devote time to each student separately. Aspirants do not get to work on their strengths and weaknesses. Online courses have individual attention on every aspirant taking up the course.
Study Material Material designed after a thorough analysis. A huge amount of study materials available online.
Complex Concept Mentor available if any concept is very complex for an individual to understand. Lack of mentorship.
Exam mode All the 3 exams are manual and not online. Lack of confidence as exams are conducted in offline mode.
Practising Practising will instil knowledge with clarity. Inculcates handwriting and thinking ability Difficult to inculcate Handwriting ability, thinking ability and bring estimated marks for the qualifications
Self-Study Students lack the self-study habits. Inculcates self-study techniques among the aspirants.

Why Himalai?

Simply because it is amongst one of the best KAS Coaching Centres in Bangalore. Aspirants who join KAS Coaching at Himalai get the Himalayan Advantages which would convince you to believe it is by far the best KAS Coaching Centre in the state:-

  • Interactive Classes & Comprehensive study material.
  • KAS Coaching/Exam classes by KAS/IAS cleared toppers.
  • Incorporation of recent changes in ICS.
  • Scheduled tests and mock exams.
  • One-to-One discussions with experts.
  • Time and stress management solutions.
  • Answer Discussion classes.
  • Simplified Notes.

So always remember that there is no single path which will assure your success especially in competitive exams. There have always been and will always be students who would crack these exams with the proper guidance of coaching institute (classroom learning) while there will always be others who would crack it with the help of online educational resources (online preparation).