Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the release of pulses procured from farmers.

The pulses at the discounted price to states/UTs has been approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi which can be used for the various welfare schemes from the stock present of pulses procured under Price Support Schemes (PSS).


The Impact this decision leads to the benefits of various welfare schemes such as public Distribution system (PDS), mid-day meal scheme etc. warehouses can be made available that is required for the coming Kharif season for Storage of assets procured under Price Support Scheme.

Details of the schemes:

Details provides under this Price Support Schemes (PSS) the States/UT Governments are accessible to lift 34.88 lakh MT of Tur, Chana, Masoor, Moong and Urad at the discount price of Rs.15 per Kg. First come first serve basis, over the dominant wholesale market price of the locating state. States/UT Government will exploit these pules in various welfare Programmes like Mid-Day Meal, Public Distribution System, Integrated Child Development Programmes (ICDP) etc. For a period of 12 months this will be one-time allowance or the disposal of entire 34.88 lakh MT of pulses stock Whatever is early possible.  for implementation of this Scheme Government is ready to spend around Rs. 5,237 crores.


Government of India under the Price support Scheme has witnessed the high production of pulses from past 2 years and has made a record of procurement of pulses during Kharif 2017 and Rabi 2018 marketing season


Kharif is the season which extents from month July to the month of October i.e. mansoon season Kharif crops are the crops which are been cultivated in the South Asian countries likes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh during the rainy season these crops are the domesticated crops and the kharif crops came to be  use in India with the ascent of the mugal empire

Example of Kharif crop

Millet , Tur, Chana, Masoor, Moong  Urad maize, Bitter gourd, sugarcane cotton , turmeric sesame, groundnut etc.


Rabi is the season which extends from month of October to the month of march i.e. rainy season ‘Rabi’ is an Arabic word, which means spring Rabi are the agriculture crop that are sown in beginning of the winter  seeds sown in this season required warm climate for germination and cold climate to grow Rabi crops are also the crops which are been cultivated in the South Asian countries likes India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Example of Rabi crop

wheat, gram pea, oat, barley, onion, potato, tomato etc