Are you an ITI student? Or thinking of joining ITI?

Then you must have come across the question ‘ What to do after the ITI ?’. That is why it is best to explore all your career opportunities, so you can have a clear mind while joining the course. Let’s explore the ITI career perspective in detail.

The current job trend is not based on qualification anymore.  So, the amount of job opportunity you get is based on your skill set. That is the reason why many of the students join for career courses after graduation to enhance their skills. Even the government is launching programs like Skill India to empower youth in the country. The reason why we are stressing on the importance of the skills is that Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) students develop skill sets in their academic course itself. That is the reason why ITI has gained its popularity. After the ITI course, you will be skilled professionals, either in engineering or non-engineering. This means there are excellent career opportunities waiting for you after completing the course. Especially in government sector ITI students.

ITI Job Opportunities

ITI Jobs in Private Sector

Students of ITI can choose a career from a wide variety of industries like construction, manufacturing, textile, power, agriculture and more. The job profile includes mechanics, electronics and more. The initial payment will be less and also depends on the company.

ITI jobs in government sector

The major employment opportunity for ITI students is from the government sectors.  Government has many Public sector units like CIL, HAL, BHEL, BEL, ONGC, IOC and more, These PSUs are constantly in search for the manpower. There are many central government ITI jobs and state government jobs available.

To make your decision easier, Himalai IAS coaching has collected all the best ITI jobs in government sector. So, explore your ‘Government opportunity after ITI  and build a future you desire.

Further, If you are 10th standard student searching for a career path then career opportunity for PUC and diploma might also interest you.

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