Best Career option in 2019-2020 after graduation engineering

Engineers read carefully! This can change your life!

We all know the fact that ‘engineering’ is in trend. Many students are joining engineering colleges and the numbers are increasing every year. There is a good reason for it.

That is because engineers will have plenty of opportunities in career after engineering graduation. How to get a job after engineering is never a problem. But getting a job with  good salary, growth opportunity, authority, and also job satisfaction is important. That is why government jobs are most In-Demand Engineering Jobs for 2019.

When you think of a government job, usually you will face these two important questions:

What are the top government jobs?

Top government jobs for engineers in non-technical is Indian Civil Service (ICS). ICS includes IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and other 20 more civil services. So, to become a civil service officer you have to clear civil service exam.

On the other hand, the best government jobs for engineers in technical is Indian engineer Service (IES). Indian engineering service is the technical counterpart of Indian civil service. Also to become an IES officer you have to clear Engineering service exam.

Union public service commission (UPSC) conducts both of these exams. The eligibility for IAS is a degree and the eligibility for IES is a degree in engineering. UPSC will not consider your engineering background. So, this answers the question of which branch of engineering will be in more demand in 2019.

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Other than these top government job, you are eligible for more than 150+ government post. Also, the syllabus of these govt. exams will be similar. With one preparation you can attempt and clear many engineering govt. exams.  (Register ! to know more about other government jobs for engineers!)   

How much do government jobs pay to an Engineer?

Government jobs have a good salary, especially after revisal of pay matrix. At the entry level, the salary of an IES officer is around 56,100-1,77,500. The rule of government is ‘if you work for the government, then government will take care of your every need’. So, apart from the basic salary, many allowances and facilities will be provided in govt. jobs. Like house allowance, medical facilities, transport, and even pension after retirement.

Best facilities, best job security, and career growth! The privileges in government jobs are countless. Above all, the authority attracts many youngsters for these government jobs. As a fresher, you will be at a decision making position and your decisions can change the lives of many. Explore your government job opportunities in the upcoming government exams!