Ayushman Bharath- National Health Protection Mission

The Government of India taken two major initiatives in health sector, these programme takes as a part of Ayushman Bharaath Programme.

Two initiatives namely:

  1. Health and wellness Center
  2. Nationla Health Protection Scheme

The union Cabinet Chaired by the Prime Minister  Approved Ayushman Bahrath- National Heath Protection Mission(AB-NHPM).

Features of Ayushman Bharath schemes:

  1. 5 lakh family(especially women, childern and elders)  per year are benifitaed under AB-NHPM
  2. Ayushman Baharath Provides cashless benefits from any public/private enrolled hospitals across the country.
  3. AB-NHPM will be an entitlement based scheme
  4. Entitlement decided on the basis of deprivation criteria in the SEEC database, which include
    1. Different Categories of people in rural area that intern include families having only one room with Temporary or imperfect walls and roofs.
    2. Families having no adult member between age 16 to 59.
    3. Female heading households between age 16 to 59 with no adult male member support.
    4. Disabled member and no able bodied adult member in the family: SC/ST households
    5. Landless individuals who are casual labours
    6. Families in rural area households without shelter
    7. Primitive tribles
    8. legally released bonded labour
    9. For urban region 11 defined occupational categories are under the scheme.
  5. Ayushman bharath provides hospitals belonging to the Employee state Insurance Corporation(ESIC) may also be enrolled based on the bed occupancy ratio parameter
  6. Payment for hospitalized will be done as a package in order to control costs.
  7. It will be cashless and paperless.
  8. One of the Key principles of AB-NHPM is to co-operative federalism and flexibility to states.

Ayushman Bharath Implementation strategy:

  1. Directions, fostering  and coordination between center and states about the policy, it is proposed to set up Ayushman Bahrath National Health  Mission Council(AB-NHPMC) at highest level chaired by union health and family welfare Minister.
  2. National wise Ayushman Bhaarth national health Protection Mission Agency (AB-NHPMA) would be put in place.
  3. Different States/ UTs are advising to implement the scheme by a dedicated entity called state health agency(SHA).

Impact of Ayushman Bharath:

  • 300% increased in the Hospitalization Expenditure of In-patient in India has increased approximately 300% during last 10 Years.More than 80% of the expenditure are met by out of pocket(OOP).
  • Ayushman Bharath aims at reduction of Out Of Pocket(OOP) Expenditure, which intern reduced the poverty due to catastrophic health expenditures.
  • Ayushman Bharath Increases its benefit to cover nearly 40% of the population to the poorest and to the vulnerable.
  • Covering almost all secondary and many tertiary hospitalizations
  • Covering of 5Lakh for each family(no restriction of family size)
  • this will increase access to quality health and medication.
  • Ayushman Bharath scheme will Lead to The Timely Treatments, it Improvements the health outcomes, it increases the patient satisfaction, it helps in improvement of productivity and efficiency.
  • Job Creation thus lead to the quality Improvement of life.

Expenditure Shared:

Expenditures are shared between the central government and state government in a very specified ratio as per the guidelines provided by the ministry of finance

States/ Districts Covered:

AB-NHPM will be rolled out across all States/UTs in all districts with an objective to cover all the targeted beneficiaries.

Documents required for Carry:

  1. AADHAR Card
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. MGNREGA Card
  4. Ration Card
  5. Any Other Identification Card etc

AAdhar Card is Compulsary, in failure of aadhar card any other identification cards can be provided and the agency is accountable for the enrollment of Aadhar card who are not yet enrolled for the Aadhar card.

Conent source: pib.nic.in