ASI Found 254 Medieval Period Copper Coins in khirki Mosqus

According to the Ministry of culture to the Archaeological Survey of India  Delhi Circle ,They have discovered and Made an Accumulation f 254 Copper Coins at the Premises of Khirki Mosqus at the time of conservation of the monument, the Khirki mosque falls on the southern Periphery of the Village of Khirki, It is belived the Khirki mosque is one of among the seven mosque built by the Khan-i- Jahan Junan Shah, the Prime minister of Firoz Shah Tugluq in the year(1351-88), The  Khirik masjid history is narrated in the history of archaeological survey of india books

Archaeological Survey of India took the resposiblity of cleaning the mosque and while the cleaning the mosque 250 Cons where found which were of medieval Period ,Then the Coins where cleaned by the experts of Science a Branch of Archaeological Survey of India and through the Keen observation it is said that the Cons belong to the  Shershah suri and his Successor

In the Year 2003, the Same accumulation was made of 63 Coins I the Same Premises during cleaning and conservation

The Khirki masjid plan and Khirki masjid architecture

The Khirki masjid is built with rubble Stone and it is also thickly plastered and the mosque is double – Strayed the lower stage of the mosque any consist of Series of basement cells, The four Corners are Occupied by Battered bustions, its three side gate way project expect on the west , the main entrance is the lower storey on the Exact up you can find the windows that is the Present name o the mosque each square is further divied into nine Smaller squares

Such Khirki masjid architecture is repeated in one of the other mosque which is erected by same builder only these 2 mosques are the examples of the closed mosques in northern India.