Aim UPSC IAS 2020: Himalai IAS long-term classes  

Dreaming of becoming an IAS then aim for IAS 2019 and 2020!

‘Indian administrative service – IAS’ as the name suggests it is a high- ranking administrative government job. So, IAS has become a prospective career for many: Job seekers, Working, College graduates and even students who are still studying in college. The reason for this is simple ‘IAS position is worth all the efforts and dedication’. If you plan and clear civil service exam (IAS exam 2020), you will reach the greatest height in your life with no turning back.

So, what is the key to clear IAS exam?

The key to clear IAS exam is a dedicated preparation and good guidance. You need dedication to cover complete IAS syllabus. But, you need a guide who will tell you all the secrets of UPSC requirements. For example, Most of the UPSC exam questions will relate current affairs to basic concepts. So understanding the basic concepts behind IAS syllabus is crucial!

So, it is best to take your time in IAS preparation. Understand the IAS exam pattern, subject wise topics of IAS syllabus and its meaning. (Click here for IAS syllabus and IAS exam pattern!)

Moreover, gradual learning will have less pressure and will boost your confidence over time. Here are some advantages of early UPSC preparations:  

  •         Increased chances of clearing IAS exam in the first attempt
  •         Easy UPSC Current affairs follow-ups along with IAS preparation
  •         Ample of time to revise all the subjects   
  •         Full confidence in all subject topic from the IAS syllabus
  •         Stress-free preparation without time constraints
  •         Time to attempt many mock test and preparations  

For targeting IAS exam 2020, Himalai IAS coaching has brought a new ‘Himalai long term course’. So, we can closely monitor your UPSC preparation and see you become an IAS officer!

Himalai IAS Long term classes

Himalai long term classes are crafted with care. The classes are well designed to cover 100% syllabus and every concept behind it. After the long term course, you will have the ability to answer any given question from the given topic from IAS syllabus.  

Why Himalai Long term course is best!

  • Officers and recent IAS cleared candidates, who understand the UPSC expectations, conduct classes. Here Faculties will teach out of passion.
  • Special current affairs classes relating to basic concepts  
  • Close mentorship for clearing all doubts in IAS preparation
  • Best Analysis of the subject and topics from IAS syllabus
  • Quality Revision classes to help build confidence in subjects
  • Regular mock test and preparatory exams to measure your IAS preparations
  • Importance to build tactical/ analytical ability which UPSC requires

Take yourself to greatest height in the UPSC preparation with the help of Himalai IAS coaching center. In 20+ years we have seen many Himalai students becoming IAS officers. You can be next!  

‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet’

Your opportunity is set in 2020 so, start your IAS preparations today!

Contact us to book your success in IAS 2020!