PIB (29/06/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam

Sri Ravi Shankar approaches the Vice President

  • The Vice President while sharing subtleties of the gathering, wrote in his Facebook post that they had an extremely valuable and deliberate discussion on different issues that the nation and society are confronting.
  •  Portraying Sri Ravi Shankar as a symbol of peacefulness and widespread human qualities, the Vice President commended the work and administrations rendered by the Art of Living Foundation over the globe.

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UPSC ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT: Organisms and the Environment -2

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National Statistics Day

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PIB (28/06/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam

VP declares that India was based on an on a very basic level tolerant development

  • Based on the report of religious opportunity in India, the Vice President repeated that India was the start for various considerations and ways of thinking have come up and prospered all through the ages.
  • The Vice President depicted Guru Nanak Dev Ji as one of the best otherworldly bosses of India and the genuine agent of the superb profound conventions of our Bhakti Movement.

 Plan to utilize Nuclear Wastes

  • India has received “shut fuel cycle”, where spent fuel is seen as a material of asset. It goes for reprocessing of spent fuel for recovery of Uranium and Plutonium and using them back to react as fuel.
  •  As a waste administration theory, no loss in any physical structure is discharged/arranged to nature except if the equivalent is cleared, exempted or barred from guidelines.

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PIB (27/06/2019): UPSC Current affairs to prepare for UPSC exam

Space Policy

  •  Presently a ‘Space Activities Bill’ is being prepared, which is under pre-authoritative discussions. India is a State Party to UN Treaties on Outer Space exercises.
  • Ensuring the establishment of the Space Activities Act, space exercises of non–legislative area in India would be approved through a permit issued by the Government on specific terms and conditions.

Correspondence contraptions to angling vessels

  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has given 250 NavIC Messaging Receivers (NMR) to anglers of Kerala separately on a preliminary premise.
  • ISRO/Antrix has assumed up the liability of giving NavIC gadgets on preliminary premise. Around 200 gadgets for Tamil Nadu and 250 gadgets for Kerala are dispersed.

Indigenous GPS

  • India’s own provincial route satellite framework named “Route with Indian Constellation (NavIC)” is built up by ISRO and is practical from April 2018 onwards.
  • ISRO has finished all the essential arrangements as to the foundation of Space Segment (as of now Eight IRNSS satellites are in a circle) and Ground Segment (spread crosswise over India).

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