International Current Affairs-China World’s longest Sea Bridge

Himalai is provides the regular current affairs for UPSC, Now we are also coming with International best current affairs for UPSC which would be related to your UPSC syllabus that will help you in clearing ias prelims Today’s topic for the Current affairs for ias preparation world’s longest sea Bridge-China you can also take a look on our daily current affairs for UPSC exam read more


History of World Polio day

  • World Polio Day is an initiative established by Rotary International to eradicate polio disease.
  • It is observed on 24th October every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jonas Salk who developed the vaccine for polio.
  • This year World polio day 2018 will be on 24th October Wednesday.
  • Polio cases have reduced from 3,50,000 cases in 1998 to 37 cases in 2017
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    Over the decade’s Governments and Organizations have invested much effort to achieve sustainability across the globe, but it’s a fact that the majority of the population are unaware of these changes. World development information day is dedicated to inform each and every individual about the development problems and acquire the public opinion about it. read more


  • Since 1960 Police Commemoration Day is observed on 21st October of every year as a remembrance to policemen who were killed in Ladakh during the border dispute between India and China in 1959.
  • Police day also serves as a tribute to all the police personnel who lost their lives on duty.
  • This year the Police commemoration day 2018 will be on 21st October, Sunday.
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