Hepatitis – B

Himalai a step towards Social Responsibility. Today is World Hepatitis day (Eliminate Hepatitis from the root), Most common Things That every Body should know about Hepatitis and Its virus.

  • Hepatitis-B is the leading cause of liver Cancer.
  • Most of the People Infected at birth or in early Childhood.
  • Hepatitis-B will Spread through the sharing of Infected Blood.
  • Hepatitis B Virus Doesn’t Spread through Air, Sharing Utensils, Food, shaking hands.
  • Hepatitis-B is Treatable, educate every one and Save Lives and Families

Health is wealth, being Healthy and creating Healthy awareness is part of Social responsibility. Most of us are unaware about the Highly fatigue disease. Small awareness, remedies and cautions will keep us Healthy and live long life. read more