Himalai Celebrating 20th-year celebration, on this eve Himalai extending helping hands to the UPSC-IAS Aspirants of June 2018.
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1. All India Institute of Ayurveda.

The Ministry of AYUSH for the established of the All India Institute of Ayurveda.
The All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has an NABH Accredited Hospital and an Academic Block. Out Patient Services are being provided in the hospital block of the AIIA and medicines are given free of cost. Currently clinical specialties running in the hospital block are Neurological & Degenerative Disease Care Unit, Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Care Unit, Diabetes & Metabolic/Allergic Disorders Care Unit, Yoga, Panchakarma Clinic, KriyaKalpa, Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic, KsharaEvumAnushastra Karma and Infertility Clinic. It also has pathology, biochemistry, microbiology and radiology laboratories/diagnosis facilities. The indoor patient department has provision for 200 beds.

2. Sawfish

Sawfish, (family Pristidae), any of several species of sharklike raysforming the genus Pristis and the family Pristidae. Sawfishes are found in shallow water in subtropical and tropical regions of the world. They are bottom dwellers, frequenting bays and estuaries and sometimes swimming considerable distances up rivers; some are also known to live and breed in the fresh waters of Lake Nicaragua. Sawfishes have a long, flattened head and body and an elongated snout, much like that of the saw sshark that forms a long flat blade edged with strong teeth. The largest sawfishes attain lengths of 7 metres (23 feet) or more.

Sawfishes are ovoviviparous fishes (that is, fertilized eggs grow within the body of female sawfishes, and the young are born alive) whose litters average eight young. The sawfish becomes sexually mature at age 10, and its life span extends to 25–30 years. In 2015 the smalltooth sawfish (Pristispectinata) was observed to have the ability to reproduce via parthenogenesis (a condition in which an unfertilized egg develops into an embryo). Although the species is the first-known vertebrate capable of parthenogenesis in the wild, some birds, sharks, and reptiles have been shown to employ parthenogenesis in captivity.

Sawfishes are not generally considered dangerous, but their saws, constituting as much as one-third their total length, can be formidable. The saws are used in feeding, either in digging out bottom animals or, when lashed about, in killing or maiming schooling fishes. Sawfishes are reportedly good to eat when small; they are fished in some areas for food, oil, skins, and other products

3. Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX)

Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd (MCX) is an independent commodity exchange based in India. It was established in 2003 and is based in Mumbai. It is India’s largest commodity derivatives exchange where the clearance and settlements of the exchange happens and MCX offers options trading in gold and futures trading in non-ferrous metals, bullion, energy, and a number of agricultural commodities (mentha oil, cardamom, crude palm oil, cotton and others).

MCX has launched a Gold Option contract, keeping Gold (1 Kg) futures as the underlying asset. The European-styled Gold options are hedge-friendly and physically settled, which means on exercise at expiration the options position develops into a corresponding underlying MCX 1 KG Gold futures position at the strike price of the exercised options.
The options product is unique and the first of its kind, giving buyers the right to buy or sell the underlying asset, but no obligation, at a specified price at the expiry.

Thus, for buyers, the risk is limited only to the premium paid to the option seller (i.e. Option writer).

4. IamThatWoman

‘IamThatWoman’ campaign and spread the message that a woman can move mountains for another woman.”In an attempt to end Gender bias in women against women, the Ministry of Women and Child Development is undertaking an online campaign #IamThatWoman.

“When a woman has the support of her womanhood, she can be unstoppable. Through this campaign, we aim to shed light on the enormous contributions made by women for women. A mother-in-law can be her daughter-in-law’s best companion. It is time we did away with the ‘in-law’ in ‘daughter-in-law’. A woman manager can easily empathise with her female juniors and help her climb the ladder of success. Likewise, a landlady’s affection towards a female tenant makes a world of difference in making the young girl feel at home, away from home.

5. CarbFix

CarbFix is a collaborative research project led by Reykjavik Energy that aims at developing safe, simple and economical methods and technology for permanent CO2 mineral storage in basalts. It was founded by Reykjavík Energy, CNRS, the University of Iceland, and Columbia University.

The CarbFix project received funding through the 7th framework European Commission (EC coordinated action 283148). The partners involved in the project were; The University of Iceland, CNRS in Toulouse, France, Amphos21 in Barcelona, Spain, Nano Science center of Copenhagen University, Denmark, and the project leader Reykjavik Energy, Iceland. The first pilot injections took place during the project, and it was demonstrated that the solubility trapping of CO2 occurs immediately, and the injected carbon is trapped in minerals within a few years using the CarbFix injection method in basalt hosted storage reservoirs.

The CarbFix2 project aims on moving the demonstrated CarbFix technology from the demonstration phase to a general and economically viable complete CCS chain that can be used through Europe and throughout the world. CarbFix2 has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Project ID 764760). Five partners are involved with the project; The University of Iceland, CNRS in Toulouse, France, Amphos 21 in Barcelona, Spain, Clime works in Zürich, Switzerland, and the project leader Reykjavik Energy, Iceland.

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